Wednesday, 27 October 2010


T - Minus 3 days till our store is swarmed with blood sucking, flesh chewing zombie mo fos! (YOU)

The invasion is going to be one fright night shock to the system and the reason for this attack is to GET IN FUCKING FRONT! Yes the magazine we are going to be creating a promotional file to send FRONT fashion editor William Barnes directly!

Here's where YOU come in! Be at the store around 2:30pm on Saturday the 30th of October to play your Zombie role and become a member of the P-LABS PRINT HORDE! Destined for the fine and glossy pages of the luscious FRONT magazine!

If you've ever received or bought a shirt from the store it would be ACE if you could wear it as its all about Promotion for the brands we are involved with and support! for example... Baby Cakes! Glamour Kills! Hole Brain! Second Is Nowhere! R3DN3CK! Paint The Stars! Vitamin Tees!

There will also be sound bites interviews on going throughout the shoot for customers, facebook friends, and print clients!

DON'T! Bring no mask! No make up! We want you really scary!

This is the look we are aiming to achieve, hence NO MAKE UP OR MASKS! Everything will be dealt with after the shoot!

So check your diary's, if its free pen us in! If you've got something on rip out the page, bin it and forget it, you've got new plans!